Wednesday, November 2, 2011


(l to r) Arin Jones, Alexis Jones, Madeline Jones, Host Steve Harvey, Chauvon Landry, Ashley Jones

The Hottest Family in Family Feud history hits the set and will be the highest rating Family Feud ever!!! In the words of Steve Harvey "The Jones Girls are my favorite family thus far"!! I promise, this is a season you don't want to miss!! We are reppin' NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA like never before!!!! From singing to dancing to clowning with Steve...its a few episodes you CAN NOT miss...and a Hometown video that the ladies will love;)!!! The Jones Family will be on Family Feud Starting November 8.2011...CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS to see if this family of HAUTTIES take home the big prize;)
(l to r) Arin Jones, Alexis Jones, Chauvon Landry, Ashley Jones, Madeline Jones

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  1. I enjoyed the show this morning. I was cheering for you all.